Henri Patois
June 3rd, 1917
Escadrille3 No. 23

FINALLY! We got some more SPADS! I got a chance to try one out after enviously drooling at the Marquis and Caporal Villars these last two months. And I can honestly say that after one flight...I hate it. No, I'm just kidding! It's pretty sweet. Instruments everywhere, the view is tight but better than the N series in some regards. My first combat flight was flying escort for some Sopwith Strutters. We followed them from above as we went across the lines so that when the eventual attack came, we could swoop down on the enemy for a change. Which is exactly how it happened. Not really having to worry about my wing collapsing, I decided that I would be the one today to follow my enemy all the way down to the deck, instead of trying to responsibly stay up on top of the fight. Now...the gun and sight are still bad. It took me forever to bring this guy down, even after shredding the fabric on his top wing. But eventually down he went. On the way back, I also managed to give another Albatross a very bad day before making it back across the lines. One confirmed.

Unfortunately, I must inform you that Sergent Jean Pie Hyacinthe Paul Jerome Casale, the Marquis de Monferrato, was mortally wounded in this engagement.

Fortunately, he got better.

The older I get, the more I realize I don't need to be Han, Luke or Leia. I'm just happy to be rebel scum...