Rick Rawlings
No 24 Squadron
Aug 19, 1916
Bertangles West

Not much to report in the last week until today. I did spend a couple of days evading pursuit when I went down over the lines with a fuel leak but I made it back in good time and none the worse for wear. Today we went over and tangled with the Eindeckers at Bertincourt again. Foolishly, they decided to come up and challenge us. I ended up dropping two myself and as a flight we destroyed four with no losses of our own. The boys back home cautioned me not to feel too confident as one day we would be in the inferior craft and we should take our victories now where we find them. I see the wisdom in that.

On the way back from the front, I saw something truly amazing. I have long heard rumors of a supply system set up by this chap named Olham to ensure that the pilots on both sides had access to the finest supplies. The Germans would get fine wine and cheese, while the British and French would have the finest sausages freshly made. I thought this rumor must be a total fantasy, but today I saw it for myself! A small convoy of trucks headed east to west while all around them the artillery barrages fell furiously to the earth! It does my heart good to see that there is still some humanity and spirit of brotherhood in all this death and destruction. I hope it can last!

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