@ Robert_Wiggins....yes, well I do use a lot of time compression, and that helps to speed things along. Once the flying gets fast and furious (kind of like what you are experiencing!), I will not be able to get as many flights in.


George Lyons
Chocques, Flanders
May 1915

Forty-fourth mission Wednesday 12 May PM...aktion! What shaped up to be a routine recce mission over the area southeast of Loos became a heart-pounder as I spied two crates heading over the lines...and this time they were Bosche! Of course, we have all heard of the exploits of Péguod and then Garros from the French side of things. In addition, Intell has told us that the Aviatik B-type do not have regular armament, just the occasional rifle that has been shown to be wildly ineffective. So, we fought! They probably did not notice us at first, and they were headed southwest, not at full revs (most likely a recce mission of their own); we managed to catch up to them. Not having practiced this sort of flying much before, I decided to get in front of and below them to give Halifax a good shot.

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...he did, and then I heard some whizzing and crumpling of fabric! Did they have a gun after all?!? No, I think that Halifax actually hit our own craft (we will keep that one a secret to this record), or perhaps Reinard in the other plane hit us? Either way, once the shooting commenced, the Huns headed back for their side of the lines. They were now at full throttle, and also being a bit more dangerous to fight them over their side, we let them go. Based on what Halifax and Reinard said, they both got some hits in, but not enough to cause major damage to the enemy, and ultimately this meeting was a draw. Meanwhile, our craft took “moderate damage” and will be in the shop for two days...time for another reserve.


The saga continues!



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