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Dubois de Marseille
Sous Lt. Esc 15
Savy, Flanders.

Jan 5 1916.

2 Sec, 3 N-10's, was assigned to Patrol Arras sector. While making a finale turn , we spotted the Boche machines 2 Aviatik types. My section leader Turin was the 1st one to fire and it looked like both a/c were knocked down . His a/c afire it fell burning from 1000 meters to the earth. I attacked the other machine firing a drum then pulled off to reload. My Wing mate attacked, but His gun must have jammed so I went in again. I gave zee kerman both drums as I slowed then Stalled into a spin. Recovering , we joined up and RTB.

Good stuff carrick58! I personally enjoy flying the N10, pretty much just messing with it right now. thumbsup



WOFF:UE Computer Specs and set-up:
Homebuilt Computer!
Intel i5-3570k mildly overclocked to 3.8ghz
AsRock Z75 mobo
Nvidia GTX 1060 6GB (EVGA one fan version)
42 inch Sharp Aquos LCD TV with 120hz refresh
Very old (over 20 years now) Aiwa Receiver/Amplifier
Very old giant stereo speakers with newer sub-woofer
Very old Logitech Wingman joystick with two buttons and a throttle slider
Very old CH Thurstmaster analog footpedals
Manhattan analog/USB converter