Early October 1916 now for Jack and Esc LaF. He lead a flight of four N17s north towards the frontlines around St Die. Near the friendly airfield of Xaffervilles he spotted flak smoke and quickly spotted the source traveling head on at him. He fired off rounds into the nose of the Fokker quickly closing in on him. Almost had a collision with that pesky green Fokker.

Jack thought he had landed a round or two and that thought was confirmed when he was quickly able to get on the green Fokker's tail. He decided to let him test his dead stick skills, but his squadmates had other ideas in mind for that Fokker. Unfortunately they weren't all on the same page tactically and two of them crashed into each other in their haste to down the powerless wing warper.

As Jack shook his head in disgust he heard a Fokker engine below and behind him. He inverted, dove, and reversed direction to find the source of the sound. After a couple loops and half loops he was able to get his sight on the Fokker and eventually set him ablaze.