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Born in 1883. That would make him 32. A bit of an oldster compared to the other lads, isn't he? I figure career soldier. Cavalry maybe. Transfered to the air service just before the baloon went up. Sent over to France with the first bunch to go in 1914. I would take that "Rookie" out of there, though. At 32 and still a rookie Sergeant...well....we hope our boy has been a better soldier than that.
Wait a minute! I just noticed his date of enlistment. April 1915. So one month after joining up, the old codger is not only a Sergeant, he's graduated flight school, been posted to a squadron, and is already flying combat missions. Hmmm..........
Good screenies, however.


Consider the following, and they were'nt the only ones over 30:
Oblt. Friedrich Christiansen
*12 December 1879
1918 he was 38 years old

Lt.Jakob Wolff. At the outbreak of war he was 46 years old. He served with Jasta 17 in 1916 and 1917 and achieved 4 victories before he was WIA on 27 Jul 1917.

What about Boehme? having scored 24 victories and beeing born on July 1879?
On the Allied side, wasn't Mannock well over his thirties? Propably not the oldest but respectively well known.

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