April 4 1917 morning patrol of the front with the elite of the German Air...blah...blah...proud Flieger DIH is flying...blah...blah...blah!

At our patrol point over the front the 5 man Kette circles for a few when we are joined by 5 Spad VII (150) contesting this section of airspace.
The Kette Leader orders the attack. Looking good so far.

Literally about 1 1/2 seconds after the above shot was taken I hear a horrible noise. Quickly glance to the left and see the patrol leader has collided with a member of the Kette.
Both go down. Now it is 3 of us vs 5 Spads. Get on the tail of one and during the circle look to my right and see some specks. The Support Flight?

No, of course not! It's 6 Nieuports coming to help their friends like good comrades do. Are you taking notes here Kette Eins leader? We continue the fight with 3 of us vs 11 of them.

Anyway I soon forget about scoring kills and take snap shots hoping to just score damage so they will break off. Pull up real steep to avoid a collision with a Nieuport and while I hang there a Spad puts a burst into my left wing. Spin and dive out alternatively followed by 1 Spad and two Nieuports, evade, now its two Nieuports, etc, etc. This goes on until I run out of altitude so I am now out of luck. The old Alb is a quite average performer. Get free and clear for about 30 seconds and think I might make it when tracers come whizzing by my ears. Glance back and have at least 2 Nieuports behind me. Turn for a nearby German field for AA cover and maybe a quick landing but nope. More hits and I lose control of the plane plowing into a field at 100 MPH.
To end on a positive note at least I will get a good burial for my 3 victory, IC2 winning, Fliger and the LGMS Wind mod seemed pretty cool after one flight. More testing needed though.
What career next? Hmmm...