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@ Ace_Pilto...aww, shucks...I don't think I deserve a badge quite yet wink I did find this thread: http://SimHQ.com/forum/ubbthreads.php/topics/4276528/1 ...are they still selling them?

Concerning my Morane L flying...yes indeed, some squadrons flew these things until 1917! As a matter of fact, my current unit (3 RFC) flew them in WOFF:UE until..... 9 October 1917! jawdrop and then overnight they switched to Camels on 10 October (and also went from recce to fighter in that span as well)...

Now, the FE2a is coming very soon near a neighborhood near me, and I'm thinking of transfer except I do not have the rank to fly them.

I wish that I could fly in a bit more of a realistic way, however, real-life keeps me very busy. I use a lot of time compression and I still use a map to get around much of the time. I have been lazy and have not found in the files how to disable the cursor on the inflight map, but I do not use labels, and unless I'm the flight leader I intend on staying in formation and doing my bit. I only turn on the messaging when I am bombing (to make sure that I have the bombs loaded) and then I turn it off when I remember to, etc. etc. etc.

This simulation can be tweaked even more to reflect real life...thanks to other's postings on the subject, I see that engine failure is reflected in an .xml file, easy stuff to mod. I see over at Sandbagger's mod page that Oldhat created a "hardcore mod" that I should check out. Lastly in my asking the simple question "who flew the most missions in WWI", it seems there is not an easy answer but it led me to William Barker who's Wikipedia page says he flew over "900 combat hours in 2 /12 years"! jawdrop jawdrop



You are definitely a candidate for the BWOC badge! I do believe that RAF_Louvert has a stache of them. You could send him a PM but be aware he is currently dealing with the death of his brother and so may not be able to respond for awhile.
I for one, really appreciate all your reports and enthusiasm.

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