Collection of shots from combat flights on April 9 and 10. With the British offensive at its height I have been very busy to record much and so darn lucky that I have achieved 4 kills though, of course with unlucky #10 I was wounded but I got the N17 that wounded me so we are even. Needed a little 9 day vacation anyway to show my new medal to the folks back home.
According to forum ace BJM this plane probably belongs to one of the RNAS squadrons. Least it wasn't a Triplane.

Being chased by 3 Nieuports.

One of the rare times we have an advantage in altitude.

This is the guy that wounded me but he ended up paying a steep price. When I am trying to shoot down your friend don't come up and shoot me in the back eh?

Spad VII looked pretty smooth coming in but NML is rough and he flipped.

Of course coming back from my 9 days off I see all the Jasta Leaders pets have been equipped with the new Alb DIII while me and the other non-HA's still have the early model.
I'll get one!