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Seventh mission 22 April PM...second machine today that failed under me, but this time not due to enemy action. Was assigned with 'Bay' to patrol Houplin aerodrome, but this time bombs were not allowed. Probably all for the bast, as about 2 miles into enemy lines, one of my cylinders seized up, and while I still had some revs, it was not enough for me to maintain altitude, so with a wave to HK we headed back to our side of the lines. I was fearful of fire, so I turned off the engine for a while, but then after some quick calculation, I realized we would not make an aerodrome, so I turned it back on for a bit. We barely made La Gorgue, and not knowing the lay of the field I came somewhat close to some trees (looks like someone else had to force land here as well [see video]), but all is well that ends well. The mechanics told me it was a blown cylinder...sounded like it (Writer's Note: I do not know much about rotary engines, so this will have to do, lol)! Caught a ride back to Chocques and ready for the next day. I hear they took the motor out of that plane and replaced it for now.

Eighth mission 23 April AM...Beautiful day for flying! And an absolutely uneventful mission. As a matter of fact, I have not once seen any other aeroplane in the sky other than our flights.

Ninth mission 23 April PM...More good flying weather. Based on the recent successes of our bombing missions, Command decided on an attempt to bomb front line positions. Sometimes, I am willing to risk a low level bombing of an aerodrome, but low level trench bombing is nothing short of suicide by my estimation, especially as a leader of B flight with three aeroplanes. My observer, and one of the leaders of the squadron Captain Reinar has instructed me not to be so rash, so we kept it to the letter and bombed from about 7ooo feet, hitting absolutely nothing and adding a few more craters to the landscape. However, a mission with no mishaps is always a good mission!

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Tenth mission 24 April AM...An “art obs” mission, attempting to direct our artillery where to shoot. Weather holding nicely, but communication with ground leaves a lot to be desired. I should mention, this is the first time I have seen other aeroplanes that our not part of our flight. I believe they were French Moranes, and they were far away. They seemed to be heading away from us, but I had to stay in formation and eventually lost them in the distance.

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Eleventh mission 24 April PM...Command has seemingly considered our bombing missions a success, so we once again were sent out to bomb, this time the front lines again. 'Bay' was leading us, and he scored the only hits (according to intell). Weather, and machines, holding nicely.

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Twelfth mission 25 April AM...Another “art obs” mission with 'Bay' as lead for B flight. Got there, 'Bay' saw what he needed, got back. (Writer's Note: No pics somehow, but uneventful)

Thirteenth mission 25 April PM... A bona fide bombing mission, this time to Harboudin once again. Lieutenant Jack Alwin (fine chap) lead our flight today, and he choose a high altitude strike. Intell surveyed the situation later and reported that our bombs had hit some sheds...good show! But then, my engine failed to hold revs (once again), and we had to glide over the lines. Fortunately, I found a good spot to land, just inside of our front lines. Always fearful of enemy artillery smashing us to bits with a landing so close to the lines, Captain Reinard and I scrambled out of there into the relative safety of a thicket a few hundred yards away. So now three failed machines in only a few days time, with two of them going for no good reason...makes me think I should consider working on my own engines to make sure they are in tip top shape!

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WOFF:UE Computer Specs and set-up:
Homebuilt Computer!
Intel i5-3570k mildly overclocked to 3.8ghz
AsRock Z75 mobo
Nvidia GTX 1060 6GB (EVGA one fan version)
42 inch Sharp Aquos LCD TV with 120hz refresh
Very old (over 20 years now) Aiwa Receiver/Amplifier
Very old giant stereo speakers with newer sub-woofer
Very old Logitech Wingman joystick with two buttons and a throttle slider
Very old CH Thurstmaster analog footpedals
Manhattan analog/USB converter