Morning Line Patrol on April 28. a newly arrived Major Stockman is leading.
Over the front I see 6 specks with 3 more about 500' higher. The Major orders the attack. Figuring the three higher specks are fighter escorts I make for them but nope. More DFW's with bombs attached.
Pick out one and attack. I worked hard at this one to avoid the observer (who usually shoots me up) but my "tactics" pay off and I only get a couple of holes in the wing. He finally lights up and, shedding his wings, comes down in the British trenches.

Same plane. Apparently every shot I fired hit the plane just nothing vital till the very end!

Fly behind the lines and attack a Alb DII and damage him but he dives for a Hun field and, already damaged, am wary of the AA fire. Firing some bursts at longish range, and get some smoke puffs, but he lands normally.

Back at base I put in my claim and the non-HA stud, Channing, claims two.