Flew on Sunday the 22nd as flight leader escorting 5 Fee's on a bombing run but the weather was horrible so no contact. 56 Squadron, now getting the hang of their new aircraft, have been switched to "High" mission frequency per the Ready Room so things should heat up in the coming days - weather allowing of course.

Today its Monday, April 23, 1917. Flying a DOP with B Flight and Captain Ball is leading. About 5 miles back I am lolly gagging along when the flight jumps like a frog on a hot plate. I fly, make a circle, look around, and see nothing. Now fly to catch up to my flightmates when I glance over my shoulder and see an Alb just out of firing range. Give the Se the spurs and with a little dive get out of range and turn to fight him. Just lining up for a shot when the rest of the flight arrives to help and shoots him down. I follow him down to make sure he is not faking and he hits the ground and explodes. Looking for my flight I see them high up and head toward them. After a moment I see three specks off to my left at my level apparently also trying to join my flight. B Flight is an exclusive club and we don't allow Huns as Huns they were. I head for the one in the rear and manage a fairly good deflection shot that changes his plans and he attempts to maneuver.

Well, well, a green tail. I wonder if Olham is up this early?

My flight keeps the other two occupied and I finish this one off. Right after I feel a smack of ground fire and make for the lines.

Back at base I see my wingman is reported missing at first but luckily he latter returns to base minus his Se which he crashed somewhere in British territory. He is quite the pilot with almost as many victories as me.
I put in a claim for my kill (#11) and the flight claims three others.
Dirty Green Tails! Olham! OvS! I am coming for you!