Dubois de Marseille
Sous Lt. Esc 15
Savy, Flanders.
1 Balloon Confirmed.

Jan 12, 1916.

Glorious day. 2 Section + 1 a/c for High Cover mixed it up with a Boche Balloon. Everyone was shooting and Rocketing at the same time. I couldn't tell who was doing what, but when the smoked cleared the Bag was mine.

On the second flight , I went up solo around the lines at Loos and found some game. I made 2 passes at a 2 seat machine firing off a full Drum then pulled up and leveled off to reload. The Boche a/c dove and scooted for home. Reloaded , I called it a day and headed back since by then the Hun was deep on the enemy side of the lines.

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