Oct 25th 1918, Mission 46
Jasta 15, Stenay Verdun

On a crisp fall morning Fritz is tasked with patroling enemy lines and is leading a flight of 4 Fokker DVII F.

They were still climbing to their cruising altitude near Stenay when flak smoke alerted them to the presence of enemy airplanes above them.

Fritz continued to climb and kept distance between his flight and the flak until he had altitude advantage. Then he dove on the enemy, which turned out to be three SPAD XIIIs. They turned to face the attack and Fritz peppered the lead SPAD heavily causing it to break off. Fritz lined up on it's tail, hammered it at very close range and sent it spinning out of control. At one moment it almost crashed into Fritz as it spun in tight circles.

He watched the SPAD tumble to the ground and evaluated the DF. One SPAD still up high was losing to two of his squadmates, a one on one was going on down low. He watched the spinning SPAD crash and dove to help out in the DF down low.

The DF above him was soon over and another flaming SPAD streaked down to the ground. Fritz regrouped his flight and decided to fly cap above his airfield and surrounding areas instead of patroling into enemy territory. No flak spotted, no more EA encountered, all rtb and landed.