I know right?
56 is THE stud squadron and chock full of superstars.
Did a no-HA (Aces 0) campaign with them once and it felt really odd so I restarted with full HA.
As a practical matter attrition is so high in WOFF that the squadrons strength was always real low and stayed there as new guys came and quickly died.
The game, as designed, almost needs indestructble HA's to seem "normal" in play at least in my somewhat limited no-HA play.

And, as stupid as this sounds, by taking them out of the campaign I felt that their great work and sacrifice, and that of the other aces, was being erased and forgotten.
99.99999% of the population would not have a clue as to those names and I wonder how long it will be till they are totally out of human memory and just names in dusty old books no one reads. Whew. Sorry for that Memorial Day tangent. I have personally known men and friends who have made the greatest sacrifice for this country and are now gone and unknown except to me and other guys from our unit and their family. Maybe they'll get a Wall someday.
I always think of Roy Batty and his ending monologue.

Anyway nice flight. 56 would be proud and that's how they flew. Always aggressive.
HIGHLY recommend the book "High in the Empty Blue"!