Saturday April 21, 1917. Dawn patrol with B Flight on a DOP to the Hun airfield at Haubourdon. After 4 days of poor weather and mission cancellations the sun is finally out.
Now that I am an Ace I took advantage of the bad weather and had my ground crew paint up my trusty SE. Skin courtesy of Banjoman with slight modifications by Cpl. Jones - one of my fitters.

About 6 miles over we come across these three Huns. At first they appeared to want to fight then changed their mind and tried to disengage. Unfortunately for them that change of heart came much too late as the SE was much too speedy for their old crates.

Pick out their tail end Hans and I hole his tank and he goes down out of control to crash.

Circle around to gain height and to try to form back up with my flight when I close on one that is soon revealed to be another Alb. Making a beautiful deflection shot I again hole his petrol tank and, leaking oil and gas, he goes down for a crash.

Apparently they were pals as he goes down near my first victory.

Circling for height again and trying to find B Flight I see a balloon at my level and close by. I feel that I may be pressing my luck but, so far, my new paint job has been lucky and I make for it and shot it down in a flaming fashion.

Feeling that my luck may be done for the day I finally form up with Lt. Cudley and Rhys-Davids and make for home. Unsure of where the other two are.
Back at base I file for my 3 claims and Cudley files for one. My wingman (Lt. Sheldon) is at first reported missing but turns up in the afternoon minus his Se which was damaged in some type of forced landing - probably engine trouble.
Of my three claims the first Alb is rejected but the second one, and the balloon, are confirmed making it 8 confirmed kills so far for Lt. "DIH". The war continues on.