Tuesday, March 13 1917 Flieger DIH flies the afternoon patrol with Jasta 11. The morning patrol resulted in no contact.
For the afternoon we have been assigned a airfield defense mission but as the target is quite a ways back I don't expect much. The pesky Britishers had other plans though. Kurt Wolff leads the 4 man Kette with me and two other non-HA's while the Jasta big guns are flying "support." Near our objective my wingman peels off apparently the victim of a engine problem. Suddenly coming out of a cloud are a group of the enemy. Friendly AA is not sleeping and they open up right away but the aircraft are pretty close. No choice but to engage.

Oh good. It's 5 N17's vs our 3 Alb DIII (Early). *Sigh*

Remembering Dicta Olham I turn for them and try to stay directly underneath them while I wait my chance. In my mad circling I see a group of specks that I guess is Kette Eins but as far as I know they do not help. Its a chaotic time as I turn and maneuver trying to keep the impudent British off my tail. Lose about 8000' in altitude when suddenly its just me vs one N17. Keeping my old crate on the edge of a stall neither of us can get an advantage and, down very low, the Britisher makes a break for his lines. My old Alb does its best to catch up, and I thought I was fairly close, so I lean over my sight and fire! Huzzah! NOT! Later in the Debrief I got 1 hit out of 95 rounds!
He, now understandably upset about my single bullet hole in his machine turns and the fight is on again at low level. After a couple of turns I lose sight of him and checking behind my see another one on my tail. Geesh. Low level with a Nieuport on your arse is not the way to go so I turn for a nearby airfield and friendly AA discourages his pursuit.

Figuring I used up my luck for the day I return home with an empty bag and bullet holes for my trouble. But I guess I am learning - I am still alive!

Back at base I see Kurt Wolff fired 1 round and was shot down for his trouble and the other non-HA didn't get off a shot, was wounded, but landed okay. My "wingman" was forced to land with engine trouble prior so he missed the show. No claims are made and Kette Eins never engaged - or a least never fired a shot.