@ CaptSopwith....glad you are enjoying the reports! Flying in 1915 is quite different than later times, but I am looking forward to the "Fokker Scourge" just to see what happens (other than losing my own head of course wink )


George Lyons
Chocques, Flanders
May 1915

(Note: A three-fer!)

Twenty-sixth mission Monday 3 May PM...An art obs to the front lines near our aerodrome, led by Alwin and Reinard. Low haze and clouds made things difficult,

[Linked Image]

but Captain Reinard dropped a bag (Writer's Note: A message bag with a streamer attached, kind of like this one shown below)

[Linked Image]

and hopefully they got the message as to where to aim their shot.

Twenty-seventh mission Tuesday 4 May AM...A bombing mission to Bertincourt; Command must think we are doing a good job as we are being sent to aerodromes farther and farther away from our home base! Intell says we scored some hits.

The enemy airplanes had an interesting paint scheme that made it difficult to see from the air, but we could tell where they were, and following 'Bay' and Reinard, our bombs scored.

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[Linked Image]

Twenty-eighth mission Tuesday 4 May PM...A recce mission to the front near our 'drome. The ground haze has cleared, and visibility was good. Uneventful.

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