Good day at the front for me

Niels Bohr, Sept 1916 flying an Alb DI

First flight, a patrol over the frontlines

My formation keeping is getting a lot better smile2

The new graphics in UE look simply awesome, cheers OBD

Pounced on a couple of Morraines
These shots are just after my second pass

Sadly my victory is not confirmed rolleyes

And one of my squadron gets the second one

About 2 minutes later my engine just stopped
I cannot see any damage, maybe it is just a malfunction?

Look for a field to put down in

Clipped a fence at about 10 feet off the deck, got down safely though

I haven't played WOFF for about a year
I am so impressed with how far it has come along in that time

My entire patrol from start to finish was so immersive, and beautiful to look at and experience

Man - what an awesome game

Next time I will not JPEG the images
They look a little bit blurry
The originals look pin sharp
Lesson learnt

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