Gents .... I'm having my "coming out"

Found her while googling. Seems she was quite a person, too bad there is so little known about her.
And yes, although not being allowed to join the air force she did have a pilots licence (1 of 3 women).
She did make it to the front as an infantryman in cognito until dicovered. Later as a nurse in Toul, she heard a bomber pilot
lamenting about his voison missing the next bombing mission.
So she jumped onto her bike, she was turned down from the tour de France due to her gender (but did complete the tour herself 3 times), and rode off to the airfield where she "Volunteered" to fly this Voison in the next raid.
Marie must of been quite convincing to of pulled it off, but she did pilot the aircraft on 2 raids of Frescaty airfield, earning the Croix de Guerre later.

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