Saturday, April 14 1917. Our second nice weather day in "sunny" France.
56 is assigned to a Line Patrol west of Lens in squadron strength. 5 man B Flight is followed by 5 strong A Flight but just prior to crossing the lines our Flight Leader drops out with engine trouble.

About 2 miles into Hunland I spot this group of 4 V-Strutters and turn toward them and they accept the challenge! Thought it awfully brave of 4 Huns to stand up to 9 Se's but apparently they know A Flight better than I because the 5 man A Flight does not engage. So its a even fight. I'll have some words for Captain Ball when I get back. If I get back!

Heard a clunk and did a quick instrument check. Threw this shot in here as I like the shiny Se cockpit.

After some initial turns and maneuvering I manage to get on this Hun's tail and let him have it with both Vickers and Lewis. Victory #4! Unfortunately as I look back to clear my tail (being surprised by how close the Alb trash came) I see a Se going down trailing a thin black smoke and no wings.

I can't help my flight mate but I can avenge his death and turn toward this Hun and after two passes he goes down out of control to make a smoking hole in the wire in No Mans Land. Victory #5!

Back at base B Flight claims 3 Albs with two being mine. All return safely except Captain Chittford who obviously was the wingless Se. RIP and you did not die alone brave sir.
A Flight, of course, did not engage but managed to lose a man anyway who is still posted missing by afternoon tea. Time to break out the BJM Ace skin.