Well. Rother Nought and the boys from #3 Naval Squadron got their keisters kicked today! Started off well enough as a deep patrol into enemy territory. They ran into a flight of V Strutters that really knew what they were doing. While diving on one attacking his wingman, Nought was wounded by another scout that dove in behind him! He was just able to fight the Albatros to a stalemate, after which he broke off and was happy to finally see friendly territory. Nought set down seeping blood from a clean wound to the left torso, just clearing the lung. He'll be out for 11 days.

As you can see, the rest of the flight fared no better:

Bloody April, indeed!

* I am happy to say that my TrackIR showed up and is working fabulously! The ability to zoom in on a target and actually have some chance to tell what you are looking at is fantastic!

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