Rick Rawlings
No 60 Squadron
April 9, 1917

Two more pilots lost today. Even with our new Nieuports, we are still hard against it. (I haven't even had time to have mine painted!) I took Bishop up to attack a balloon that had been giving our infantry some trouble to the south whilst "A" flight headed off to provide us some cover. As we were reached the front, "A" flight was engaged but two of the huns managed to come down to attack Bishop and myself. We turned into them and circled for a bit before one made a run for it. Bishop went after him (impetuous, he!) and the second German took that opportunity to dive behind the young Lt. I came in hard at the tail and Bishop and his pursuer dove away. I chased the first scout for about a minute to make sure he wasn't coming back before returning to the fight. I was able to swoop in and fight off the hun chasing Bishop. The enemy pilot went down to a hard crash on fire in No Man's Land. Still, I have a feeling he will be back to pester us again soon. Two of the newer pilots (who am I kidding, it seems all we have are new pilots!) fell to the German guns, but we accounted for two of them, so it balanced, although that doesn't make the letters any easier to write. My bus was hit by ground fire, severing my fuel lines. Fortunately I got it down on a road and commandeered a truck to drive it and me back to the field. Of course, the balloon was unaffected through all this and I will probably have to send someone after it...