I finally shot down an enemy plane in my N28 campaign with the 94th Aero.
That Nupe is hard for me to get a handle on!

2nd Lt Robert Williams flew far right position in a transfer to the new airfield of Toul which is a short distance away from their current field of Vancoulers.

Flak bursts greeted them as they approached their new home. he waited for the formation to attack or investigate the target of the Flak, but his flight went straight into a landing pattern. Robert could identify four german two seaters about 1/2 a mile away and decided to press his luck and attack.

He got lucky and killed the DFW's engine. Then almost collided with it in an attempt to finish it off.

That was a close call that should have caused him to back off and watch the DFW crash or dead stick a landing. He chose otherwise and made another pass at the powerless DFW that was descending in a slow spiral. This time his timing was better and he dewinged the DFW.

Welcome to Toul 2nd Lt Robert Williams.