It seems more appropriate that I carry over my new career pilot that starts out with 30 training hours to this thread.

Crossing the channel was not hard... it was nearly impossible!!!

Disclaimer: the pictures are dark and unclear... exactly what I was seeing while flying.

I decided to start from Dover at 6am (28 March 1917), so cranked up QC and here is what I got....

I forgot to take the screenshot while I was parked because I was confused in deciding if I should continue or restart...

Crossing the channel in these conditions with only a compass, you can imagine my relief when I finally spotted a glimpse of land.... don't tell me you can't see it, too!

Terra Nova, Hurrah!

Flew around a few times to make certain that I was actually looking at a base... and of course to spot the fences.

How do you spell relief... F U R N E S! Finally, home sweet home.