Thanks guys. I'm glad you're enjoying Kolb's story along with me. The whole glide down I was fretting that this would be the end, it was a tense few minutes for me, realising I would land inside the lines having never even seen an enemy machine in the air in my entire 12 hours of flight! Fortunately, for those of you who are following Kolb's adventure, the RNG gods were kind to me and Kolb does escape after spending two days as a guest of the French so Kolb will return.

Interestingly, his name derives from the word "Kolbe" which is the high German for a mace or war club as I found out today. Hopefully he will survive long enough to live up to his name by striking the foe rather than being renowned solely for his inadvertent befouling of German Triggers' boots.

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Wenn ihr sieg im deine Kampf selbst gegen, wirst stark wie Stahl sein.
"The best techniques are passed on by the survivors." - Gaiden Shinji