2nd mission of the day. A DOP at high noon about 15 miles behind the lines south of Douai smack in the middle of 6 Hun airfields. Captain Ball is leading Crowe and myself. A Flight in support.

Fairly uneventful trip and we arrive in the middle of all the airfields and a group of Huns approaches from a higher altitude. Captain Ball being Captain Ball he orders the attack.
I manage to get me and Hans here all alone and its a fight to the death!

My shooting, which has been great the past several missions, fails me now and it takes about 6 passes to really bring him down out of control and he crashes near a road to a airfield. As an excuse for my poor shooting I will use the distraction of the ground fire from 6 Hun airfields in a 3 mile radius. As he smacks in a plume of dust and smoke I am hit by MG's from the nearby field. I quickly turn and try to thread the needle between these bases to make a get-away. On the 15 mile trip back to friendly lines I am staring at my instruments. Hey! Am I running hot? Nope - just paranoid. Whew.

Back at base all three members of B Flight make it back (the 4th never crossed the lines dropping out with engine trouble) and Crowe and I file claims.
Not only is this victory confirmed but two others that were pending making it 11 total. With a slap on the back and handshake the CO tells me I am being promoted to Captain. As flight leader I must try to take care of my people. It's going to be a long war I am afraid.

EDIT: Just noticed MY aircraft shadow on his plane - cool.

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