On 6th of December 1915 Flieger Hans Gruber landed his Aviatik C.I at home field after the second day of vicious bombing campaign aimed at a British airfield. The weather was slightly better than the day before: the rain and sleet only lasted half way through the mission and visibility was very bad rather than abysmal. The second flight was also led by Unteroffizier Burr (a fine fellow) who had had the good sense not to plan the flight path over every single enemy AAA concentration and airfield on the sector (unlike the persistently incompetent Oberleutnant Klemm).

The airfield was again hit hard by the oversized hand grenades blindly tossed from 2000 meters by the observer. The British would need several wheelbarrow-loads of dirt to fix the damage done to the runway and air raid had probably disrupted the lunch time of many. Several panes of glass were also destroyed and (mostly symbolic) interception flight was scrambled which no doubt would cause several cases of sore throat and maybe even common cold in the near future. Gruber also scored a direct hit on an enemy parasol. Not the aircract, mind you, a literal parasol attached to a coffee table left outside over winter.

Like Oberleutnant Klemm, Unteroffizier Burr also seemed to firmly believe that it's better to blindly drop the bombs at target over half a dozen separate passes rather than just one or two. Due to this loitering, two FE2b:s appeared above the circling Aviatiks but luckily they seemed to be more interested in rushing to aid the damaged parasol rather than intercepting the enemy bombers. Unteroffizier Burr was equally uninterested in attacking the landing FE2b:s and the flight safely returned home from their vital mission that had surely brought Germany's victory a few steps closer.

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