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I cant even imagine how anyone survived the flying war. There are so many lessons to learn...

There surely are, DC!
I think a major difference between them and us simmers was simply this:
They did not do the more daring things easily. They performed a very steep and fast dive when they needed
to escape the guns of a chaser - but not easily just to dive on a possible target.
In short: their feeling of their own true vulnerability often prevented them from being daring at all.
No sim can simulate the REAL threat of loosing a leg, an eye, or even your life.

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...and luck required to get through the first day!

Yep, and luck. I sometimes wonder, how many more Foncks, von Richthofens and Mannocks would be known -
had they not had less good luck, and therefor fallen earlier.

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Huge Kudos to the Dev team for creating this.

Same from here! thumbsup

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