I hadn't flown the early Fokkers since before the 'Balance of Power' addon was released. Decided to start a new early Fokker campaign and see just how hard life is now, before I fly one of my existing early Fokker pilots and likely kill him off. It is MUCH Harder now and it wasn't easy before the N10C-1s either.

Otto Bergmann, Jasta 15
Habsheim field, Alsace
Fokker E-1
December 28th 1915

Beautiful morning for a patrol up to Colmar with a sliver of a cresent moon still hanging in the sky.
Otto is leading two HAs, Willy Glinkermann and Rudolf Weingartner.

South west of Colmar airfield and near a factory Otto spots unknown aircraft above and off his right wing.

The two unknowns quickly become known as N10C-1s as they change direction and dive on the three Fokker E-1s of Jasta 15. Otto performs as quick a change in direction as possible and meets them head on. Yikes that was close!

Otto takes on one Nupe while Willy and Rudolf square off against the other.

Otto might have clipped the top of a conifer with the tail of his Fokker just before climbing and sending a long burst into the Nupe.

The N10C-1 crashes into the forest not far from the factory.

Otto's Fokker is flying super sloppy now. Probably tail damage from the top of a tree. He makes for the factory and spots a road leading up to it just as he hears a Nupe engine above, make that more than one engine.... He made a difficult landing on the factory road. Right after he came to a stop a bullet hit his left wing and three N10C-1s flew past above the conifers lining the narrow dirt road.

He was lucky to have survived that mission. HAs Willy and Rudolf were shot down. Otto filed a claim and had it confirmed as a French HA named Celestin Sanglier.