April 1 1917 on the morning patrol with J11. Flieger DIH is on his first patrol with is new Jasta in poor weather.
Several formations are sighted and then lost in the heavy clouds before we finally latch onto a group of 3 or 4 Sopwith Pups. The Kette Leader orders the attack.

Maneuvering for the attack. Nothing special here just thought it was a cool shot.

Finally get into a 1 on 1 fight with a Pup and best him.

After a final burst from my Spandau's his smoking crate goes down and crashes near a German airfield.

In the afternoon patrol on the 1st both Kettes engage a group of French N23's and slaughter them with 4 being claimed by both Kettes. Almost had a claim but he, spinning down, recovered low near LvR who finished him off.

April 2 1917 on morning patrol. The weather is much nicer and near our patrol destination the Kette Leader makes to attack a group of 3 rare DH2's who are apparently strafing a German troop encampment. He changes his mind half way down maybe seeing something else. I continue and see 1 DH2 has been forced to land intact by ground fire leaving two. Begin a combat with both and get behind one and, leaning over my sights, get in good hits and he lights up and goes down. Look for the other Britisher but he has disappeared either being shot down by AA or flying off. Seeing no friendly aircraft I make for home.

Get back to base and find that my Pup from yesterday has been confirmed and I receive the the Silver Cup for my first victory as I put in a claim for today's DH2. Two of the other Kette members crash their birds for unknown reasons as they didn't fire a shot.