Saturday, April 7th, 1917. Using SOGGriffins "No HA" mod.
On 56 Squadrons first patrol in France I am assigned to lead three others as the leader of B Flight on a DOP at 1330. The weather is nice but the clouds can sometimes be a little heavy.
Enroute to the front. I like my guy's "bullet proof" mustache as it looks like the one I really have.
Sorry SOG. In this first flight I forgot to enable your DIH skin! Probably need a victory first so I really deserve it. Luckily the Huns will soon oblige.

Nearing the front I observed two specks. At first they look like they are going to close with us and, as they near, I see they are V-strutters! It was hard to really tell but it seemed, once they saw we were 4 they tried to turn away. Well well these aren't DH2's Mr. Hun and, as we close the gap, and I order the attack.
Just out of firing range my target turns to engage. This was actually a tough fight and my opponent was quite skilled. It became a series of about 5 or 7 offset head-on passes and I managed several 1 or 2 second bursts scoring some hits. Damaged and losing his nerve he tries to run.

I turn behind him and cut my throttle and let him have a full dose of Vickers and Lewis. He begins to smoke and, a couple of seconds later taking more of my .303 pounding, he blows up shedding pieces everywhere. I dive and jink a bit to avoid his trash.

I guess he is not going to manage a good landing this time. He goes down about 1 1/2 miles behind the Hun wire. S!

I circle a bit seeing no other planes in the sky. After a few more lazy circles, gaining height, I see two specks and then another and tense because I do not know who they are. After another minute, circling to try and stay behind them, I recognize the shapes of Se's and it is B Flight. They join up and I lead us back to base.
I put in my claim for one and my wingman (Capt. Ethelston) claims another. All of B Flight returned safely but A Flight loses Lt. Hainsworth crashed and killed apparently after an engine problem as they never fired a shot. Claim is is the DIH skin!