This young fellow has been in action for over 2 months pushing a docile Aviatik two-seater around the western front. After 57 hours of flying he's only had two brief brushes with the enemy; the skies aren't very active in December 1915.

(Side note: This probably sounds as boring as heck to most people, but I am having fun trying to become an early German ace following a semi-historical path and working my way up from the very bottom. I'm nuts, and freely admit it.)

Now something exciting is starting to happen; Hans has just been assigned a well-used Eindecker E1 to fly and a new fellow named Boelke has just joined the squad. In a ploddingly realistic career such as this, for me this counts as big news.

Gawd, I hope I don't kill him on my first time up in the Eindecker.