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I have an OCD problem with historical sims. I have to start at the beginning. I created a French pilot who started training on the earliest day it would let me - March 20, 1915. For anyone who has never done this, it's fun. Unfortunately my French pilot was training in a BE.2, but still...

Two check-rides around the field in the observer's cockpit with the instructor flying. There is a placard on the dash with two notes:
"Do not stand in the aeroplane until instructed to do so."
"Be sure your personal affairs are in order before entering the aeroplane."

Days three and four were short hops in the pilot's seat, following the instructor around the field. Days five and six were navigation training, following the instructor on a long (3 hours) journey from home base to another airfield and back. Days seven and eight were "free flight", gaining time in the cockpit and on my own. Day seven was spent flying exploring Paris, and day eight involved a long trip westward then north, then paralleling the Front eastward then back home.

All this leads to today, my first combat mission. A flight of three Morane 'L's patrolling just on our side of the lines. No enemy activity, but some artillery was aimed our direction. The was one air burst not to far away from our flight. All-in-all an interesting introduction to the war.

I have the same issue Steve. It took all of my might to overcome the mantra of "no, you must start at the beginning" and jump into some mid 1917 campaigns. I realized that in all of my years of owning UE, I have yet to fly my favorite plane of the war, the SE5. It feels lightning quick after spending these last few years at the controls of Moranes and early Nieuports or, heaven forbid, the Eindecker.

As an aside, I recently discovered (on accident) the autotrim hotkey and suddenly the Eindecker isn't the side-slipping widow maker it once was!