Hey Gents.
I’ve survived the first 10 days of bloody April 1917 with my Pup pilot from 66 Sqd. This has included: 3 balloon attacks, 3 attacks on airfields at Erchin, La Petrie, & Riencourt some escort work and sally’s into enemy territory which caused frayed nerves and a damaged Pup. I’ve been shot up 6 times, had 2 engine failures just prior to reaching German lines & have been credited with 2 Rolands, a Halberstadt, and 2 Albatros DII’s bringing my total to 8. Action, when it occurs is fast and furious! I must admit I dread the airfield attacks the most! Members of my flight have survived our sorties and we swill ale, whiskey and enjoy raucous banter during evenings in the mess! If I survive I will request some leave in England! Maybe the weather will be foul tomorrow so I can catch up on some much needed rest....and a hangover! I will continue to persevere!