Well it's always motivating to have such a gracious audience Rob, I'll try to keep Kolb alive long enough for his story to evolve.

As such Flieger Kolb's latest jaunt was a cross country navigation flight to Sissonne, Guignicourt and Bruyeres-et-Montberault and back. There is little to report except that the front is quiet and snow is still on the ground. Right now a long hot soak in the bathtub rates highest among Kolb's list of dreams for the future.

I do have a very good time while flying with Kolb, he is my complete immersion character so I fly very differently when I have him active. After his last flight I just sat on the airfield and waited for A flight to return and, during that time I sat and waited I noticed that some genius had given the ambient soundtrack the faintest hint of a gramophone playing in the distance (or maybe that is my overactive imagination) anyway, we sat there in the weak sunlight under the watery blue sky until the buzz of rotaries announced that both of A flights machines had returned and I watched them spiral down and land. One of them came down a little hard, bouncing over the grass and snow, the other made a smoother job of it and rolled to a neat stop beside the first. I daresay Kolb is feeling pleased with himself for finding his way around the waypoints and getting a cheeky look at the front while doing so.

Not worth a letter to Marie but that's the latest news from Vivaise.

Let's pretend I got the BWOC badge to embed here.

Wenn ihr sieg im deine Kampf selbst gegen, wirst stark wie Stahl sein.
"The best techniques are passed on by the survivors." - Gaiden Shinji