@ Banjoman...wow, 133....yes you speak from experience! Indeed, as you say, the Morane L one of the most used and better planes of the era...until outclassed by others!

@ Robert_Wiggins... I'm happy that you think of me as a candidate for a BWOC badge (http://SimHQ.com/forum/ubbthreads.php/topics/4123820/1) I will be researching this thread with reckless abandon to be sure I qualify....starts with a dodo...I'm probably already close! And I'm glad you enjoy my material... biggrin you are an inspiration as well kind sir salute

OK, now for some research news! Dezh taught me about the book RAF Squadrons: A Comprehensive Record of the Movement and Equipment of All RAF Squadrons and Their Antecedents Since 1912 and I picked one up. This book shows 3 RFC using the Morane L from December 1914 until September 1915, then being replaced by the Morane LA (a version of the L fitted with ailerons!) until January 1917.

Interestingly, 3 RFC also received some Morane N aircraft in October 1915 until July 1916, and then some Morane BB aircraft from December 1915 until December 1916...any news on those modded Morane Ns? Of course the 'N' was a scout (fighter) while the BB was a biplane observer with the gunner in the back seat.

Lastly, 3 RFC received Nieuport 16 aircraft in May 1916, but then the line item for their exit only shows "( 16)" which may or may not indicate that they had them until the end of 1916, but perhaps evidence is inconclusive?

Ha ha, they were even still flying Bleriot XI type craft until June 1915! I noticed at some point they also had at least one Bristol Scout and at least one SE2. Anyhoo, I might need to start thinking about using the mission editor to include a bit more variety of plane-ige to the squadrons I fly with...and ha ha I did notice that Bleriot in the Centenary thread: http://SimHQ.com/forum/ubbthreads.php/topics/4128279/re-did-centenary-challenge#Post4128279

OK, now to the report:


George Lyons
Chocques, Flanders
May 1915

Fifty-seventh mission Monday 24 May AM...a bombing of the front lines again to the east of Loos, and no luck once again. Ruins my percentages these runs to the front do.

[Linked Image]

Fifty-eighth mission Monday 24 May PM...an art obs with the usual crew: 'Bay' and Reinard in one crate, and myself and Halifax in ours. It had some points of interest: first, as we were passing over Merville, a BE2 from 2RFC was exploding as they were readying for takeoff. I've heard bad things about that style of bus, and I'm glad we fly the 'L' which seems to be a bit more reliable. I hope everyone escaped without injury!

[Linked Image]

[Linked Image]

Then as we approached the front, a lone Aviatik headed opposite our direction.

[Linked Image]

If we were the flight leader, we would have gone after it, however, Reinard decided to stick to the mission, dropped some bags, and then we headed home long after we lost sight of the Hun.




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