Ok, here's a real dogfight for you, Duke! We had just turned North when patrolling the front when we saw some Albatros scouts that thought better about attacking us. Since we outnumbered them 2 to one and were 1000 feet or so above them, I ordered the attack. Soon, some Halberstadts passing by decided to jump in. One guy was so good, I had to break off from the Albatros to attack him:

I really like how my wingman cleared my six there at the beginning. He was awarded that plane too!
I put in for the Halberstadt (rejected!), I didn't see what happened to the original Albatros, even though he was smoking when last I left him. Very fun fight, overall!

The older I get, the more I realize I don't need to be Han, Luke or Leia. I'm just happy to be rebel scum...