Flying BE2c Long Reconnaissance missions in 1916-17 with the new Recon War expansion I have worked out a tactic for survival when attacked way over the German side of the lines. As the BE2c cannot easily defend itself (bit of an understatement!) I spin down to tree-top height and make a low-level dash for the lines. Although we are subject to ground fire, if you are low enough this is limited, and it gives my Observer the best chance to fire at our attackers as they are forced to attack from above and behind. Then I read this, in an article by one of the curators at the RAF Museum, where the same tactic is described - it just shows how good WOFF BH&H II is now with the Recon Wars expansion. I would urge anyone who hasn't upgraded to BH&H II to do so as soon as possible, so that they can enjoy this expansion as well (either as a scout or a 2-seater pilot):


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