Had quite an experince today in my 46 Sqn Campaign. My flight met up with a flight of six DVa over the lines in the middle of a driving rainstorm.

Everyone picked a partner and began the usual dance. We quickly lost sight of everyone in the clouds and I found myself alone with a DVa pilot who was clearly better than me. He had me on the defensive for a good 10 minutes putting numerous holes in my poor Pup, yet miraculously not hitting me or anything vital. I finally dove through some fortuitously located clouds and gained some separation.

I thought I had lost him and began to relax, heading back to the airfield. Of course, as soon as I let my guard down: Daka daka daka, more holes to patch. I put the Pup in as steep a dive as I dared and prayed the lads on the ground were paying attention.

Fortunately, they did not fill me full of lead and the DVa broke off for his side of the lines. It was a rough day at the office but I can still head to the mess for a pint!