Me again. Get some FM tests while made code changes, overall it's fine except several moments, maybe my recommendations will be useful for you.

1. Coaxial russian helos became hard to control. Turn while hovering, using only pedals, is way too slow, like it's some superheavy Mi-26. Even worse with forward speed - at 50 km/h yaw rotation does not work at all, while in RL, because helicopter does not have tail rotor, it should work almost same easy as in hovering. video comparison attached.
2. Same for Mi-28, it's performance close to AH-64 but in the game it's like a pregnant cow. I was able to move around with damaged tail rotor for 5 minutes, something really wrong with drag forces values.
3. OH-58 is way too quick. I like how it wobbles like a pendulum, same happen for all small helicopters, but it's acting like RC model rather than 2 tons machine - triple barrel without altitude loose, I dunno... I've fixed it's unstable torque issue lately but it changes nothing.
4. You have removed yaw from CH-47, it may be fair in different situation but now there is no way to taxi. don't bother, power steering wheels added


5. You have removed realism check in hover function, then bring it back, then removed again. Did it cause any problems? We should make the game as much flexible as possible - you probably have seen a lot of complaints about how difficult game became with years.

6. is it correct that ini value export_mfd_single_pos no longer usd and can be removed?

7. sometimes, when I control heavy helicopter like CH-47 or Mi-6, it's starting to shake right in the air and blow up a second later. I don't think it caused by "wrong" values in dyn files, as most of the time they fly normally, but some bug exist in the code which appear with your edits (or it was before - I don't know)

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