[align:left][/align]"These releases are test releases."
"Please leave comments here in the forum and I'll work on fixing any issues or features that you come up with.

Therefore i reported 4 bugs.
graphical errors in flir =Javelin "it's not bug its feature."
crash to desktop when ctrl x =Javelin"it's not bug its feature."
crash to desktop when flying mi28 ,crash AVCKPT_DISPLAY_LHS_MFD with mfd ASSERT 'texture' (E:\Temp\00_EnemyEngaged\EECHSourceCode\modules\graphics\f3d.c:513) Javelin="it's not bug its feature."or alternatively "you can fix it yourself."
what is the point of reporting bugs if i hear every time I'm wrong?
Do I as a complete layman must say to the outstanding programmer Javelin,that even if he did not touch a piece of code, the programming is so that there are errors that we do not expect?really?
if I say that this and this error has not appeared before, and I am convinced that it caused by him work in code and he says it's definitely not his bug? Really?
I will not say that I have reported about ctd several times, and after a few months we find out that Javelin does not know what a ctd is.REALLY? rolleyes
I don't understand something here.
I wish health everyone , all the best.

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