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Good feedback.
I can gaurd against hitting the ground by checking the altitude before Popping Down.
I can also set it up to reset after dis-engaging Hover mode.

OK, cohokum_test9.exe is up on the server with the two changes mentioned above.

You are now limited to a Pop-Down of 5 meters so it won't hit the ground. If that isn't low enough tell me and we'll trim it down some.
And pushing the cyclic dis-engaging Hover mode now resets the Pop-Up status so the next time it will Pop Up, never down.

You guys also need to tell me if a 20 meter Pop-Up is the right amount. It can be smaller or larger, just let me know what works best.

Thanks, I'll try and give it a go tonight. I've only tested so far in free flight, and not trying any combat. So I've not used the pop-up in a conflict situation.

I'll try and use it some more when targeting, and see how it works out. My gut feeling is the 20 metres is fine. You'll just need to position so the pop-up will take you above the cover you're using, fire off weapons, then pop-down. I think the ability to do that quickly to return to cover is key, more than the height it moves. It makes you have to think more tactically when engaging, so you have to now use cover, and not just fly in with all guns blazing.