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Crash to desktop via the asserted texture, I'm not even sure how it happens because I just used an available texture, I didn't create or close it out. Nobody else has reported the problem, so I'm not sure how to fix it. I could try disabling the code for all of the exported MFD's. That's kind of going backwards, though. Has anybody else seen this error guys? Do you have the "Mi-28 Working Instrument Needles" upgrade installed? That is needed as well.

Installing the instrument needles upgrade fixed my crashing.

Unfortunately. I've noticed some bigger problems. I'll be flying along just fine, then suddenly, the helicopter physics will flip-out saying "main rotor damaged", causing me to fall and crash to my death. I'm not over torque and I haven't taken any damage from enemy fire - this happens on free flight. I have absolutely no idea what's causing this.

Is there another patch I'm missing or some configuration step I've missed?

Also the Kiowa feels extremely heavy. I can't take off without over-torquing. Is that intentional?