OK, cohokum_test6.exe is up, I got the Pop-Up maneuver working again. Somebody changed the way the SHFT, CTRL, and ALT keys function in the code so you can use either the left or right keys and it temporarily messed up my function.

4. A new Pop-Up maneuver has been added. Position the helo behind a building or hill, engage Hover-Hold or Stable-Hover-Hold, then press “SHFT-P” to pop up 20 meters to fire. Press it again to drop back down. "P" is for Pop-Up. This is an automated version of Bob-Up as described in the manual. You could also engage Bob-Up mode "O" on the HUD which gives you a target heading marker. The drift octagon isn't really needed if you use the new Hover-Hold, it's really stable and doesn't drift unless the wind speed is really high. You must be in Hover mode for this function to work.