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I see that exe's size is 8MB, instead of 6MB. it means it's a debug build (dmake), not "commercial" (cmake). just recompile it that way and FPS will get to normal.

Hey, I can fix that! I uploaded a new test3 version using all cmake this time. I altered my remake.bat to only delete the dynamics .obj files, but I forgot that right before I edited it I had ran dmake so all of the other .obj files were still debug versions. Nice call thealx, I missed that.

I've almost got all of the dynamics data files updated and corrected, except for the Hook and the SuperStallion. For some reason those two are blowing up (engine explosion) right after takeoff. I still need to fix those two. The others seem to be running quite well, except the Kiowa which can't currently be adjusted. I had to raise the lift multiplier on the AH-1's and the Hind to fix a power problem and balance the performance of the helos, but other than that, the real numbers seem to be working out just fine. The inertial values are key in making the helos behave like the real thing.

It may be a week or more before I get back to it, though. Work has expanded and I won't have much time the next few weeks. We're prepping for the next robotic inspection job which is in Florida in two weeks. www.mantarobotics.com

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