Hi Guys, I have a new EECH build ready for testing of the following items. Instructions are in the zip file. I should add, this test version is based on 1.16.0, the AllMods version of the code base. Changes are also uploaded into the code base, so the next release of EECH will have the hover mods incorporated into it.

An air density fix so you aren't flying above 10,000 ft all the time.
Hover-Hold "H" / Stable-Hover-Hold "SHFT-H" (Requirements: speed less than 40 knots and LET GO OF THE JOYSTICK to engage it)
Use "ALT-J" to lower the Hover Height and "ALT-K" to raise it (10 ft or 5 meters)
Altitude-Hold "ALT-H" (no restrictions on engaging it) Basically a Helicopter cruise control, this is for nap-of-the-earth flying, but it switches to barometric altitude above about 300 feet (100 m). It also includes a speed cruise control, between 50 and 110.
A new Pop-Up maneuver "SHFT-P" (Toggles, Up 20 meters on the first press, down 20 meters on the second keypress)
Realistic Physics Settings for all of the flyable helicopters (these have been adjusted and all are correct now).

A lot more changes have been incorporated as well.
The MFD Export fixes are in here, and the Ka-50N Night Shark upgrade with FLIR is in here, and the MFD video contrast upgrade is in here.
The joystick Deadband fix is in here too, along with the commserver fix (for you cockpit builders). 7/13/19
The Havoc Engine Gauges have been fixed now too, we are up to cohokum_test16.exe now. 7/20/19
I also added a Heading dampener into the Hover modes, since there is no joystick deadband now. 7/21/19

The download is located here on my server:

EECH Test Build - Hover

Be sure to load the "Mi-28 Working Instrument Needles" mod too, this mod depends upon that one.

We're up to build 16 now, as of July 28th 2019. Everything is stable now, no errors, full functionality, it all works like it's supposed to and the physics for all of the flyable helos have been corrected. Some people have had to add EECH to their anti-virus allowed applications list and a few people have had joystick driver problems which required an update. Try these fixes first if you run into problems.

Please leave comments here in the forum and I'll work on fixing any issues or features that you come up with.

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