I think you guys will really like Altitude-Hold, it takes a lot of the work out of flying the helos. You can engage it and pay more attention to your fire control systems than trying to keep the helo from hitting the ground or keeping the autopilot from careening into trouble. You can study your gauges now too without worrying about maintaining your altitude so much.

And you can finally use the KA-50 Blackshark the way it was intended. Fly the helo into a good firing position, engage Stable-Hover, then focus your attention on the fire control camera and pick out targets without worrying about hitting anything with the helo. The Blackshark only has one Pilot who has to do everything. It's pretty hard to stay close to the ground and focus on the targetting camera at the same time.

I'm going to alter the code for the Altitude-Hold slightly, I didn't like it pitching the nose up hard on me while flying fast up high to slow me down. We only need that control down next to the ground.

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