Hi Guys, I just uploaded a new build. Alt-Hold now doesn't do any speed or pitch control if you are over 100 meters in altitude. I was flying high and fast and engaged it... It slammed on the brakes and I didn't like it doing that so I fixed it.

In addition, all of the 2-bladed helos were drastically under powered, so I rechecked and rebalanced the power levels in all of the helos to fix it, based on the hovering power requirements and the power to weight ratios. I kept the relative differences between all of the helicopters so they still all have their own feel and handling differences.

I also improved the tuning of the Alt-Hold control loop, it functions a bit better now.

Use the same download link in the first post above.

I also should have mentioned, KEEP THE ORIGINAL COHOKUM.EXE, install the cohokum_test.exe right next to it. You can run either one that way. There are a couple of problems in the current Build that still need to be fixed. The Havok doesn't load, and the Cuba maps are messed up. The other modders need to fix those, I haven't worked on the sim that long, just the last two weeks. The Havok & Cuba Maps work with the stable release version 1.16.0.

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