I didn't ignore your bug reports, I just can't fix them.

The first one is a bug in the graphics rendering engine, Microsoft Direct-X something or other. I can't fix Direct-X, Microsoft has the source code for that. The error has always been there, you just couldn't see it until I fixed the Flir video.

The Ctrl-X crash to desktop I can't repeat, so how can I find it and fix it? Besides, exiting the program normally still works so you could simply not use Ctrl-X. Ctrl-X was meant as an emergency exit from the program anyway. It isn't closing things out cleanly like the program does when you exit normally.

Crash to desktop via the asserted texture, I'm not even sure how it happens because I just used an available texture, I didn't create or close it out. Nobody else has reported the problem, so I'm not sure how to fix it. I could try disabling the code for all of the exported MFD's. That's kind of going backwards, though. Has anybody else seen this error guys? Do you have the "Mi-28 Working Instrument Needles" upgrade installed? That is needed as well.

Besides, it's almost Christmas! Everybody is off having fun!

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